Face painting is equally fun for kids and adults and Swede Art LOVES painting faces (and arms, legs, etc.). Here’s some helpful information and tips for you before you (or your child) gets painted for the first time.

  • Swede Art uses the safest and highest quality professional face paint. All the products are not tested on animals and the makeup strictly complies with all FDA regulations for cosmetics. The paints we use are made specifically for use on the skin and are made from approved cosmetic ingredients.
  • You or your child should have a clean face or body area where the design will be painted. There should be no sores, open cuts, or abrasions within the area to be painted. If your child has a runny nose or a messy face from eating ice cream, cotton candy, etc., we’ll need to quickly clean that up before beginning.
  • Most designs are relatively quick -under 5 minutes- but the more intricate full-face designs may take a bit longer. It’s important to remain as still as possible when being painted. We realize this can be difficult for young children so parents’ help with encouraging them to sit still will help a great deal.
  • Swede Art will not paint crying or fearful children who obviously do not want to be painted. This should be a fun experience. Forcing a child to have their face painted can be very traumatizing and lead to a life-long fear of face painting. Rest assured, you will not be charged any money for kids that aren’t up to getting their face painted.
  • As stated above, the products used for face painting are very high quality. This means you should be very pleased with the results. That being said, rain and humidy can affect the results and will mean your design may not last that long. The same goes for perspiration. The colors will run. All that being said, under normal conditions, your design should look nice for several hours.
  • Removal of the face paint can be accomplished using a mild soap and water. Baby wipes usually work very well if you don’t have access to a water source. Darker colors may require some extra washing in order to be removed. Olive or coconut oil can also be applied to aid in removal.
  • It’s important to avoid getting your face paint on your clothing -especially light colored items- as it may stain. Wash any garments that accidentally get paint on them as soon as possible!